House Renovations in Llandudno

Breathing New Life into House Extensions

If you inherited an extension when you first moved into your Llandudno home, or if you have had one built in the past that hasn’t stood the test of time, we’re here to help. At Dragon Renovations, we understand that house extensions can become just as tired and jaded as any other part of a property even though it will normally be the most recently built. Use us to renovate, refurbish or rebuild your room addition.

Because we cover Llandudno and North Wales as a groundwork contractor, building contractor and roofing contractor, we can undertake house renovations from the design phase through to completion. This includes work on extensions and conversions.

So, in an ideal world, should you renovate house extensions or have them replaced? Here at Dragon Renovations, we can help with both. We do advise, however, that you base your decision on a balance of cost and quality. Will an upgrade achieve what you want at a cost-effective price, or is it better to bring the entire structure down and start again from scratch?

Energy Efficiency

While we primarily cover Llandudno with the combined services of a groundwork contractor, building contractor and roofing contractor, we can bring in other tradesmen to the job. This matters in terms of the electrical and gas supply, but we also consider the impact of windows, doors and insulation. Is it worth renovating house extensions that aren’t designed around modern living, or to current environmental standards?

House renovations differ to extensions. We can’t demolish and rebuild an entire home, but we can bring down an extension and replace it with a new energy efficient alternative.

Structural Changes

Our groundwork contractors can assess the structural strength of house extensions to see if they’ll adapt to a new design. If there are additional loads to consider with an upgrade, especially if you add another storey to your Llandudno home, you might also need the services of a structural engineer. This is something we can arrange for you. If an extension needs underpinning, it might be better to build from scratch.

When we perform interior and exterior house renovations, our approach to structural alterations tends to be more fixed.

Cost of Renovation or Replacement

Using us in our dual role of a building contractor and roofing contractor will always lead to affordable pricing but, when it comes to house extensions, making the right decision could literally add up to thousands of pounds in savings. The cost of renovating an extension Llandudno is typically between £25,000 and £35,000. Much of this cost covers changes which make a room addition compliant with UK Building Regulations.

Unforeseen work, like a boiler replacement, will push up the price. Because new house extensions can cost between £45,000 and £55,000, the margin could make a new build preferable.

Roofing Replacement

Sometimes, house renovations only cover a single element of a build. For groundwork contractors, this can be something to do with a structural issue that needs underpinning. For building contractors, it can be brickwork, blockwork or plaster. In our experience, we find that singular issues with house extensions often start at the top. Some additions have flat roofs laid with older hot bitumen and felt systems which have failed.

Our roofing contractors can replace extension roofs in the Llandudno area using an innovative GRP fibreglass system.

Call our building, roofing and groundwork contractors on 01745 824087 or 07876 683316. We cover Llandudno and North Wales.